Revd Andy Day

Revd Andy Day

On behalf of everyone here, welcome to Ridgeway Methodist Church. My name is Revd Andrew Day and I am the Minister here.

Originally, I am a Lancashire lad from Blackpool, I moved to Bournemouth as a teen, before marrying Sarah fifteen years ago and then moving to Bedford due to work, where our son was also born. We have enjoyed being part of the Methodist Church and sharing in children and young people’s work amongst other things.

I began to explore my conviction that God was calling me to become a Minister in 2002 and a year later, having moved my family to Derbyshire, I started three years of study at Cliff College, after which I spent time with the Urban Theology Unit in Sheffield and York St John University. During which time my sense of calling was tested by the Methodist Church. Subsequently, I was stationed in Barnsley in South Yorkshire, where I served a group of five churches for the previous five years before joining the Plymouth and Devonport Circuit.

We worship together every Sunday morning at 10.30 am, and each Sunday evening at 6.30 pm. Yet, I also appreciate that some people find it easier to walk through the doors of a church than others. The good news is that there are a number of ways that you will find here on our website to help make things easier for you to take that next step towards meeting God Himself.

I hope that we shall meet soon, when we do please introduce yourself.

Every blessing,