This page attempts to answer any questions that you may have about Ridgeway Methodist Church. If you have any queries that this page does not answer, please feel free to contact us.

What are the times of the Sunday services?

Our main Sunday services take place at 10:30am and 6:30pm. For further information go to the Sunday Worship page. One some occasions such as Christmas carol services, our Sunday evening service takes place at 6:00pm; please check the diary for full details.

How do we get to the church?

There are directions for reaching the church and a basic map available here, and a detailed map from Google Maps can be seen here. For those using Sat Nav, the church postcode is PL7 2PS.

What access does the Church have for disabled people?

Both entrances to the Church can be reached without the need to negotiate steps, and both have double doors which can be opened for easy wheelchair access. There is a slope running around the outside of the Church which can provide a quicker way to get from the lower entrance to the upper entrance. The worship area and the most commonly used meeting rooms, the hall and the lounge, are all on the upper floor and can be easily accessed without the use of steps.

Does the Church have a loop system for the hard of hearing?

Hearing aid loops are fitted in the main worship area, the hall and the lounge.

Are dogs allowed on Church premises?

Dogs are not allowed in the Church with the exception of assistance dogs.

What facilities are available for children on a Sunday morning?

The Church has a specially designed crèche for younger children which is always staffed on a Sunday morning. There is a special service for children and activites for children and teenagers take place around the building while the main morning service is going on. For further information go to the Sunday Worship page or the Youth section.

How can we go about arranging a wedding or christening at the Church?

When you enquire about a special service at Ridgeway Methodist Church our first response is always, "Welcome, come and meet us." You are very welcome to come to one of our services where you should have the opportunity to meet with our minister to discuss your plans. For further information go to the Weddings & Baptisms page or the contact page to send us a message.

How can we go about arranging a funeral at the Church?

Our minister is available to conduct funerals in our church or at a cemetery or crematorium. For further information please contact us.