February 2018


Dear Friends,

Have you ever tried being in two places at once? Or three, or more? Did you manage it? Have you succeeded? We know that some teenagers seem able to watch tv, listen to music, be typing out their homework and chatting on line to friends simultaneously, but I have failed to find a way in which I can be in two, three or more places at once. Forgive me for taking so long, I’m a slow learner.

Martha is my best friend at the moment, she is the epitome of this quandary for us, isn’t she? And what was Jesus’ response to her and to us? We worry about so many things, but only one thing is important. (Luke 14 38-42). Of course, discovering what that one thing is, now that is the key! At the heart of the question Jesus asks us all: What is the one thing that is most important in my eyes?

In Martha’s case it could be one of many things, ignoring the distractions to be with Jesus, recognising that she would still be taking vol-au-vents out of the oven after Jesus had moved on, having permission to sit down, or knowing that she is ‘good enough’ and worthy to sit beside Jesus. But it is only in seeing things through Jesus’ eyes that helps us to see what is most important.

It is not that I am saying that some things suddenly become unimportant in our lives as Christians, but I am saying that even though something important might lie before us, Jesus may well have something equally important for us to do, as he did to the fishermen when he called them to ‘Come follow me’. Jesus knew what they were leaving behind and leaving undone, yet his call to them and to each of us is ‘Come follow me’.

So, I am working hard on making sure that, by heeding the challenge that Jesus made to Martha, I can be in the place that I am most needed. Currently this includes a lot of strategic planning and preparation that you may not see in the short term, but is vital for the long term benefit of the Church and I hope that you will bear with us while we get this in place.

Yet I believe that it is when everyone of us heeds the words of Jesus to Martha that we will together serve the Lord in the place he most wants us to be, and in the way he most wants from us, that all the things that are important to Jesus will be done.

What more could we ask or deserve from Jesus during Lent.

Every blessing,