October 2017


Dear Friends,

An easy question to start with: Why do children go to school?

A) We had to go, so they have to go?
B) To give parents a break
C) To keep the teachers employed
D) To learn and to grow

Once again the streets are filled with children and young people sporting shiny new shoes and waterproofs on their way into school, at the start of a new term. I remember those days of new pencils and (board) erasers. I reckon two things will be true: firstly, they will learn new things (Trust me kids, you will find a purpose for those quadrilateral equations one day!) and secondly they will soon outgrow those new shoes and clothes.

Learning and growing go together. If we want to grow more in our faith, we need to learn more about living in faith.

Take another look at the parable of the weeds in Mark Chapter 4. We know that the seeds are God’s words of wisdom for us, scattered by the handful - like the man in the sweet shop throwing sherbet lemons and jelly babies to you like confetti! - Can we see how much of the Bible and Jesus Himself there is still to learn? Yet the very ease with which God’s word is available to us shows how easy it has become to ignore, to forget or simply misunderstand it and so fail to gain from its life changing ways.

We would be disappointed if our children came home having learned nothing new (as opposed to denying learning anything new!) yet, we are all capable of doing the same. However, nowhere in the Bible does it say we should stop growing in faith or the wisdom of God.

So let me ask you a harder question: When was the last time you learned something new about Jesus or the Bible that changed your life? In the last week, In the last month, In the last year, Can’t remember?

Now complete the sentence… This is what I want to learn next about God/The Bible/Jesus/being a Christian/Other…………………………………………………..

Write it down and let me have your name too because that is what the Church is for – to help you learn and grow in your faith, so that by the end of term you too may have outgrown your old shoes and coat.

Looking forward to hearing how we can help you grow.

Every blessing,