September 2018



I hope that you have had plenty of adventures over the summer! I also hope that you will take a moment to look back and point out where God was with you in those adventures.

But, is that it? Are your adventures over for another year? I hope not.

That would mean that God has nothing in store for us. And I don’t believe that for one second!

Your life is one adventure after another, some by choice, others are thrust upon us. Sometimes it is a victory just to survive, others there are moments of real achievement. The question is not whether we will start our next adventure, it is how we will progress through it. So don’t think that you are hanging up that fedora and bullwhip for long!

Our adventures are measured not in miles, but in courage, faith and companionship. Are we willing to undertake the most challenging, even the most dangerous journey… to take Jesus to the centre of our own being?

So often we choose to stay the person we are, where we are, how we are - even when we know that there is more on offer. Yet Jesus is waiting to reveal things to us that will amaze and astound us. Will we welcome Jesus as our travelling companion or seek to go it alone? Life was not meant to be undertaken alone and so it is also good to share the journey with others, people who will lift you when you fall, encourage you on the hill climbs and celebrate your victories as their own. So, join one of our adventure groups today – with leaders who inspire, guide books to discuss, and friendships you can trust.

Every blessing,