July 2018


Welcome to the Summer!

I know that some of us have had adventures recently and more of us will have holidays or visits to new places planned. These days, I have a list of things that help me to remember what to take, I will leave you to guess all the things on it! It includes the obvious toiletries, the charger cables and even sun cream (an act of faith!). I then pack the more specific items like my drill and bits, gardening gloves and B&Q club card for the time I spend at my mum’s.

I realise that the summer is a chance to take time out from all the busyness of church stuff and we are following Jesus’ example in this. However, when we are away, it is all too easy to make choices that look like we are actually taking time out from Jesus, which is something quite different from what Jesus did. I still brush my teeth while I’m away, but am I still spending time with Jesus and will I join others for worship on Sunday, just as I would if I were at home? Wherever Jesus went, God went with him. We know that we cant put Jesus in a box, but we should take him with us. Remember that he doesn’t mind going to the beach, or being taken for a meal, he even likes visiting your family, all we need to do it remember he wants to go with us. I promise you that in every place , every situation or occasion that Jesus is able to help us enjoy or cope better.

In fact, try reading one of the gospel’s with Jesus removed and you will see what I am saying.

The stories in the Gospels are about the places to which Jesus took God’s love. The bible isn’t a slide show of selfies of Peter fishing, Matthew counting money or Zacchaeus up a tree, they are testimonies of what happened when Jesus was with them.

I hope that the summer will be a time of rest, of fun and of healing for us all. I believe that the best way for that to happen is to take Jesus with us. That is when the holiday becomes an adventure and will give us stories to tell one another when we return for the bouncy castle week!

Every blessing,