July/August 2017


Dear Friends,

Let me ask you to describe a flower as if you are holding it for the first time? What would your reaction be? Would you stare at it? Would you measure it, or smell it? Would you love it or be suspicious of it? I’m sure that you would find one feature or another to talk about. But it would be easier if we got a group together (not a committee) to describe a whole bunch of the flowers, wouldn’t it? In order to see the bigger picture clearly.

And I think that is what God did when he created man and woman, when he pushed us out from Babel and across time and space right up until today. In that time there have been heroes of the hour and villains of the peace, with the huddled masses still trying to survive yet another day on their way to eternity. Yet, the truth is that people are just like you and me for the most part - God willing - two arms, two legs, a smile, hopes and dreams and fears. People are people only when we are people together. (It’s a plural thing I’m told).

We all have different customs and clothes but we still share the same earth, the same sky, the same world as us. As Jo Cox and others have said – we have more in common than divides us and as Christians I commend us to hold on to this truth. As humanity, our one distinguishing feature is not our geography or politics or even dare I suggest our faith which differentiate us, but our heart which unites us. Are our hearts able to see the good in God’s creation – in humanity itself? Sometimes it takes more effort to do so, but it is always worth the effort.

It does matter to me that Jesus is the Lord, He is God’s Son and that He is the way to Heaven. But that is why I care deeply for all people irrespective of their faith and so should we all, because I believe we have all been created by God. So, when the alarm bell sounds and our community shouts for help, let’s not be shocked at who turns up to help alongside us, it is after all God coming to the rescue through humanity. The only question that concerns us is that we are we there, thankful that others share our love for humanity and want to make a difference.

People the world over are wonderfully and fearfully made by the Lord and we must value each other as such. So wherever we have the privilege of going in the coming weeks or months, whether near or far, we will not have to look too hard to see the miraculous and beautiful work of God around us in one another if we are willing to look. I hope that you will seize the opportunity to learn new things about God’s world through all people, to love them as God loves them and to grow beyond our fear and into friendship. And who knows, perhaps you will meet a fellow Christian along the way? Perhaps they shall too.

Enjoy the rest, because the summer will be over soon, and there will be a whole new Bouncy Castle Week to celebrate in September.

Every blessing,