April 2018


Dear Friends,
Easter Greetings!

There was a night when Jesus washed the disciples feet. And Peter resisted. I don’t think it was just because he was embarrassed that his feet were smelly (because they probably were). It was because Peter felt that Jesus was too important to act as a servant, a slave to him and Peter was right.

Jesus is the most important person in the world ever, and yet one of his last acts before dying on the cross for us, was to wash his friends’ feet. When Peter relented, he then insisted that Jesus not only wash his feet, but all of him. It is at that point that I picture Jesus pushing Peter into the deep end of the pool of Siloam, rather than merely pouring a jug of cold water over his head!

It has something to do with Peter wanting to be fully immersed in Jesus and Jesus wanting the same thing for him and for us.

When we go swimming, we don’t want to just paddle in the shallow end, we want to dive right into that deep warm blue water and go exploring. There is something so all encompassing, something life giving, something powerful, and equally something pure about that experience that I for one, want to repeat time and time again.

It makes us feel like Jacque Cousteau (a famous nature diver), often seeing things for the first time that others had yet to experience. After that, paddling by on the shore can never be as satisfying again.

Easter is like the deep waters of God’s power and grace, when we dive right in to Easter we begin to see the depth and beauty and power of the Risen Christ.

Yet it is all too easy to be content to sit with our feet dangling over the edge of Easter. Settling, for some smashed chocolate and being carried along on the tide of others’ joy and faith, without truly taking the time to allow the invigorating truth that Jesus is risen, to fully crash over us like a wave and infuse our lives.

This month, I dare you to take time at some point each day, to immerse yourself in this one truth: Jesus is Risen.

Alleluia! He is Risen indeed.

Every blessing,