Girls' Brigade is is a world-wide movement working in over 50 countries, with the aim to help girls to become followers of Jesus Christ and through self-control, reverence and a sense of responsibility to find true enrichment in life.

Based at Ridgeway Methodist Church, 1st Plympton Company is one of several companies in the Plymouth area and was formed in 1977. The company includes a diverse group of girls - both those who are part of the church community along with their families and those who never hear of Jesus except at Girls' Brigade.

1st Plympton Girls' Brigade company meets on Thursday evenings during term time and is for girls of school age. There are 4 different age groups and we do a variety of different activities with the emphasis on learning new skills, having fun, getting to know each other, and getting to know Jesus at the same time. At the end of each section we have a celebration time and get badges and certificates.

EXPLORERS: age 4-8
We follow a series of investigations in the company of Gabby and Barney. These focus on investigating the world around us and our place in it. Amongst other investigations we have looked at "Helpful People" when we had a visit from a policeman and "Our food" where we made lots of yummy food to eat.

JUNIORS: age 7-10
Juniors do a range of activities called N:Gage where they engage in activities on big topics such as Trust, faith and stewardship and link these to people in the bible. We have enjoyed looking at the stories of Adam and Eve and David and also seeing how being a friend of Jesus is important.

SENIORS: age 10-14
Seniors learn to meet life head on through a series of N:Counta sessions. We have looked at our Community and helped in a local litter pick activity. We have also tackled some issues relating to Relationships and what it means to be Global Citizens.

N:Spire is based around challenges of life and faith. Here we get to devise the challenges we do ourselves depending on our interests. We seem to have spent quite a lot of time making and eating cakes but have also spent time looking at Jesus parables and presenting them to the younger girls.

We don't just meet on Thursdays but go on trips and camps. During 2012, Explorers had a party in with the other Girls' Brigade companies in Plymouth. The Juniors and Seniors joined in a challenge day with Girls' and Boys' Brigade Companies in the area. We also had a camp weekend at the church for Juniors and Seniors. We came on Friday and went home on Sunday. As well as Olympic themed games and activities and some washing up we also went on a bus trip to Plymouth Hoe and enjoyed a fun swim at the swimming pool.

Our seniors enjoyed a summer camp with other girls from around the South West. We had a lovely camp site in a farmer’s field and a great group of friends to enjoy ourselves with. We did lots of sports and crafts and trips out to Woodlands, shopping and the essential trips to the swimming pool for showers.

For more information please contact the church. For more general information visit the official Girls' Brigade website.